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JMobile Application 2.1.6


Reinforce your digital strategy with your own mobile Digital Workplace application! With JMobile, your entire Digital Workplace is at your fingertips everywhere and by everyone.

When to use this application?

Do you want to offer your employees mobile access through a dedicated mobile application that can be downloaded from the general public or internal apps stores?

The JMobile application complements the module JMobile to give access to everything the module offers while benefiting from the mobile's native features, such as real-time notifications, link sharing, access to contacts, camera, etc.

Note : JMobile App requires the module JMobile.

New features

With version 2.1.5 of JMobile App, you can now receive encrypted or unencrypted notifications.

Note: Encryption of notifications is available with version 4.3 of the JMobile module with the presence of the patchPlugin

The app is available on App Store and Play Store

What does this application offer?

The JMobile application is a mobile application that can be downloaded to smartphones using iOS or Android operating systems. It is available on App Store and Play Store.

This application allows you to use the various services offered by the (Search module JMobile , Documents, News, Workflow, etc.) and to take advantage of the native functionalities of your mobile phone :

  • Receive real-time notifications on your smartphone regardless of the status of the application (active, background or inactive)
  • Share a link from a browser or other application in JMag, add it to the liste de lecture or create a new one tâche
  • Creating a contact in the smartphone from profile information in the Jalios Digital workplace
  • Publish a photo in a microblogging directly from the camera or the photo gallery

What our customers like

A single point of access in mobility

On my cell phone, I only have one app to install. When I open it, I have immediate access to the news, but also to my agenda and my tasks. And above all, I only have access to the essentials, which allows me to go faster.

A new approach to internal communication

With mobile portals that are personalised according to profile/business, we can deploy a more targeted communication strategy to employees. The home page only displays information that is relevant to them, which limits information overload and above all preserves the interest and commitment of the employee.

A customized mobile app available on internal app stores

JMobile App can be distributed internally. When it is installed on smartphones, employees find the icon and the name of the Intranet. This reinforces the feeling of unifying belonging, but also the digital transformation strategy of the organization around the Digital Workplace.


1. Notification en temps réel
2. Partage de lien à partir du navigateur
3. Partage de lien vers JMag, JReading ou JTask
4. Création de contact à partir du profil d'un membre
5. Publication de photo dans un micro-blogging


1. Prerequisite

Make sure JMobile Plugin 4.5.1 is installed on your platform.

Activate Open API

Go to Site Properties -> Web Services



Enable JWT authentication (Json Web Token)

Go to Site Properties -> Access



Fill in the fields of the PKI Management form (see online documentation on PKI generation).

Create an empty CRL directory and enter the path.


Configure outgoing emails

To configure outgoing mail in the Jalios application, go to the administration Administration > Exploitation > Properties > Property Editor > Email > Outgoing E-mail interface . You can follow this link for more information.

Priority of the JWT authentication manager

The priority of the JWT authentication manager recommended in JMobile use (and in particular if TOTP is used) can be modified via a property below.


2. Activate the JMobile channel

To activate the JMobile channel for a Member, just :

  1. Go to the member's profile page
  2. Click on "Edit my profile", then on the "Alert" tab
  3. Select the different types of alerts you wish to receive on your mobile.
  4. Restart the JMobile application.


  • 2.1.6
  • Stable
  • JPlatform 10 SP1
    JPlatform 10 SP2
    JPlatform 10 SP3
Certified by Jalios
  • Yes
  • Free Plugin
  • Jalios Support
  • Jalios SA
  • Jalios
  • 2/22/21