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JLearn Plugin


The JLearn Plugin is the foundation of the Jalios Social Learning solution.

Whit this plugin you can create or share learning resources. A learning resource can wrap a document, a video (on your site or on Internet), a content, a guide, a quiz, a SCORM content (2004 or 1.2).

With JLearn you can also share external course and training (MOOC or classroom)

The learners can exchange around a learning resource or a learning path .

All the learning resources have a set of metadata : level, duration, topic, content type, keywords, approval, ...

The learning resources can be composed to build learning paths.

JLearn tracks the learner progression: started, completed and shared learning resources and paths.

JLearn provides dashboards to have an overview of the learner progression (by member, by team, by department, by group)

JLearn provides a catalog to search for learning resource : search by text, topic, level, ...

In addition to the global catalog, each collaborative spaces can have its own catalog.

Every day, a reminder alert is sent to all the learner who have started but not yet finished some learning resources.


1. The catalog of learning resources and paths
2. The presentation of a learning
3. A JGuide in a learning
4. A SCORM content in a learning
5. The list of attendees of a learning
6. A path
7. The interface to share and create learning resources
8. The interface to share a learning resource
9. Dashboards


JLearn requires the following plugins:

Install and setup these plugins. Then install JLearn plugin with the JCMS Plugin manager and restart JCMS.

Add the following types in each workspace you want to share learning resources:

  • JLearn - Learning
  • JLearn - Path
  • JLearn - Course

If you want to add the catalog in a portal (or in a collaborative space), add a "Learning Catalog portlet".

If you want to add the suggestion portlet in your portal (or in the virtual desktop), add a"Learning Suggestion portlet".


  • 1.0
  • Stable
  • JCMS 9 SP4
    JCMS 9 SP5
Certified by Jalios
  • Yes
  • Paid Plugin
  • Jalios Support
  • 1Day1Learn
  • 1Day1Learn
  • 753.79 KB
  • 3/2/17
  • 56
Required Plugins
v 3.3
v 2.0
Live Form
v 2.6
v 5.4
Document Viewer
v 4.2