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Here you will find the latest documentation on Jalios products, as well as the complete history of available documents.

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Install. & Exploit., Administration

JPlatform 10.0 - Installation and Operation Manual

This document describes the architecture, installation and configuration of JPlatform 10.0 (Jalios Digital Platform).

The detailed installation procedures are described for the different certified application servers.

The main operating procedures of the product are described, along with the update and deployment


Functional white paper - JPlatform 10

Who is this white paper for?
This white paper is for anyone who wants to learn more about Jalios' JPlatform solution. If you have already attended a JPlatform demonstration, this white paper will allow you to deepen your understanding of the solution, as well as to have an exhaustive list of supported features that may not have been presented as a demonstration. If you have not yet had the opportunity to see JPlatform working, a first reading of this white paper will give you an idea of what you... more