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1. Media Library Plugin 4.3

This plugin provides a MediaLibrary toolkit to manage various Media types in PortletExplorer.

This plugin requires Explorer Plugin 3.1 or above.

Compatibility : JCMS 9 SP1, JCMS 9 SP2, JPlatform 10 SP1, JCMS 9 SP3, JPlatform 10 SP2, JCMS 9 SP4, JPlatform 10 SP3, JCMS 9 SP5, JPlatform 10 SP4, JPlatform 10

Stability : Stable

Domains : Gestion documentaire

2. Document Indexer Plugin 4.1

This plugin provides parser for common file format (doc, xls, ppt, xml, openoffice, pdf, html, txt, ...) in order to be able to perform a text search in their content.

Compatibility : JCMS 7, JCMS 8, JCMS 9

Stability : Stable

Domains : Gestion documentaire

3. Export PDF plugin

This plugin allows to download a content as a PDF file.


A user can ask for a PDF export from a Publication's full display.

The plugin requires installation of phantomjs on the application se... more

Compatibility : JPlatform 10 SP2, JPlatform 10 SP3, JPlatform 10 SP4, JCMS 9

Stability : Stable

Domains : Gestion documentaire

4. JGuide Plugin 2.0

JGuide est un module qui permet de créer et de partager très simplement des guides.

Les guides ont pour objet de diffuser un savoir-faire sous forme d’un enchainement d’étapes visuelles.

Ce modu... more

Compatibility : JCMS 9 SP4, JCMS 9 SP5

Stability : Stable

Domains : Collaboratif

5. Evernote plugin 2.0

This plugin provides a connector to display and import Notes and/or medias from an Evernote account.

It is compliant with JCMS-9.0 and above.

Compatibility : JCMS 9

Stability : Stable

Domains : Collaboratif

6. Dublin Core Plugin 1.1

This plugin adds Dublin Core metadata in the publication pages.

The Dublin Core metadata element set is a standard for cross-domain information resource description. In other words, it provides a ... more

Compatibility : JCMS 6.0, JCMS 6.1, JCMS 5.7, JCMS 7, JCMS 8, JCMS 9, JPlatform 10

Stability : Stable

Domains : Référencement