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The new version of JMobile is available


JMobile - Screenshot - JMag 2This new version is a complete overhaul of the functionalities and interfaces for an optimal use of your Digital Workplace or intranet on a smartphone.

JMobile gives you access from your iPhone to your Digital Workplace JPlatform.
Keep up to date with news from your organization.
Search and consult the contents and documents of your site.
Search and consult the company directory (members, guest and contacts).
Get in touch with your colleagues through different communication channels (phone, SMS, Mail, ...)
Participate by voting, commenting and recommending content to other members.
Access your collaborative spaces. Follow the activities of members of your communities. Publish your photos from the activity stream.
Receive your JPlatform alerts on your smartphone. In order not to be overwhelmed by notifications, you can choose the alerts you want to receive on iPhone (JMobile channel).
Share the pages you view in the other applications of your smartphone. These pages can be added to your reading list (to be read later), into JMag (collaborative watch) or your task lists (depending on the modules enabled on your JPlatform instance).
JMobile application can connect to all JPlatform sites where the JMobile module is installed and configured.


Find all the news of your organization on your mobile.
Search and consult the contents and documents on your site.
Search for people in your organization's directory.


Discover this new version in video :

Access JMobile.

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