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JPlatform 10 SP3 is available

JPlatform service packs usually deliver patch packages and small functional and technical upgrades.

JPlatform 10 SP3 delivers more than 150 bug fixes, more than 160 improvements and tens of new features : https://issues.jalios.com/browse/JCMS/fixforversion/13803

JPlatform 10 SP3 also brings a new application launcher and a major overhaul of user interfaces (UI) and user experience (UX).

Discover all these new features of this new version in the article :  JPlatform 10 SP3: the main new features

Elements available for download (in section Products > JPlatform 10 SP3) :

For the more technical ones, the Javadoc has been updated.

The list af all versions of Jplatform with dates of support are available in  this publication :  Historique des versions de JPlatform