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PatchPlugin 10 SP2 - 2019-09-27

La version 2019-09-27 du PatchPlugin 10 SP2 est en ligne depuis le 27 septembre 2019 :

9 nouveaux correctifs dans cette version : 

  • JCMS-7319 - Update jquery to 3.4.1
  • JCMS-7390 - NPE when opening contextual menu on imported publications
  • JCMS-7408 - DBEventLogManager: use double-Checked Locking idiom for singleton creation
  • JCMS-7432 - DBEventLogManager: use a dedicated transaction to retrieve the DBEventLog to process
  • JCMS-7434 - DBEventLogManager: improve robustness to fix race condition issues
  • JCMS-7440 - ReplicaMessageManager: improve robustness to fix race condition issues
  • JCMS-7453 - Missing verification during import of some Member and Group from LDAP
  • JCMS-7454 - LDAP Group synchronization fails when specifying any attribute other than ActiveDirectory's objectGUID as group uuid
  • JCMS-7552 - Useless SQL queries are performed during Publication read right test

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