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Release Note : What's new in JALIOS WORKPLACE Liberty 5.5 ?

Included in your Cloud Liberty Edition :

The Jalios directory has a new look!


First evolution, and not the least, the graphic overhaul of the organization chart.

A more aesthetic and ergonomic card view simplifies the navigation of the different levels of your organization.

mceclip0 - 2023-02-24 15h47m45s

Another significant improvement, you can now base your organization chart on the "Manager" field of user profiles. Concretely, this allows you to dynamically create your organization chart.

Static operation via group management is of course still available.

Always more with the mobile application


To begin with, there is now a unique URL for downloading the JMobile App. This makes it easy to offer the download of the App (QR Code, NFC tag, ...) regardless of the phone model (Android or IOS)

Another significant advance, the possibility of sharing photos/videos/files to the explorer and the albums of your instance. From your phone item, select "Share" and use JMobile.

And finally, the portal page editor for mobile offers you the possibility to filter the portlets by space.

Go even further with your calendars and conferencing tools


The user journey proposed in this improvement allows you to integrate the conference link together with the creation of your event.

mceclip0 - 2023-02-08 17h00m24s

Participants will thus receive the link directly in the description of the invitation.

Bonus: the possibility of planning events from your smartphone, or from the Outlook addin, has been added.

More responsible management of your video content


mceclip0 - 2023-02-21 16h18m26s

This version brings changes around responsible digital in order, in particular, to improve the performance of generating previews and the size of the files generated during conversions.

The preview selection interface has been improved and contributors can drop the preview they want to use to introduce the video.

Contributors can disable automatic conversion when depositing. The handling of temporary files has been improved.

Jalios calendars new generation


In a logic of standardization of the user experience, Jalios popularizes the use of the JCalendar module. This module, which allows you to interface with multiple suppliers (Zimbra, Bluemind, Exchange, Microsoft 365, Google, etc.), offers an operation that breaks with the historical calendars, offered by default, in your platforms.

Backed by a new mechanism, you can now offer local calendars, to users or communities, in cohesion with the Jalios target course. This also allows you to simply manage mixed populations, partly on a third-party solution managed by your organization, and the other locally on your instance.

The good news: All potential questions about common space schedules for mixed audiences are now cleared up.

Notable changes to the blog management interface


A redesign of the Blog posts Management view offers you an improved user experience, as well as new dynamic indicators such as the number of readers, votes and comments.

mceclip3 - 2023-02-27 11h56m48s

And more concretely for your users, this version brings support for CategoryBrowsers on tickets to facilitate their location within your platform:

mceclip2 - 2023-02-27 11h56m37s

Find your notes in office application format


Using Edge (example below) or Chrome browsers, you can now install JNote as a "Windows application."

To do this, nothing could be simpler, click on the + icon (install Notes) in the address bar:

mceclip3 - 2023-02-21 16h49m53s

Once installed, you can pin the app to the taskbar and start screen:

mceclip4 - 2023-02-21 16h49m57s

Finally, you can find and manage the application via Windows search:

mceclip5 - 2023-02-21 16h50m02s

For optional functions:

New Digital Learning functions to improve efficiency


Version 4.0 of JLearn offers you two major improvements.
Automatic registration by group membership, which has two major advantages:

Facilitate registrations since there is no more manual intervention once set up.
Give all participants the same amount of time to follow content, regardless of when a member joins the group in question. There is no longer a common session date for all registrants. A new member joining the group is signed up and has a follow-up target timeframe and individualized reminders.

The two combinations make it possible, for example, to better process new arrivals and ensure that they are completed thanks to automatic reminders.

The second was actively requested, but presented strong technical complexities, making its design difficult. It is therefore with great enthusiasm that we announce the arrival of the Knowledge Import/Export function.

An increasingly efficient request management tool


A new display of the current actor(s) of the workflow within portlets directly in the monitoring table.mceclip1 - 2023-02-21 16h45m25s
And an indicator portlet dedicated to JProcess usage is now available:

mceclip2 - 2023-02-21 16h47m11s