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Incident on emoji rendering in Jalios applications

JPlatform uses the twemoji library to render emojis in the Jalios solution.

For performance reasons, the default configuration of twemoji is to use the CDN maxcdn, in order to serve the images in an optimized way.
Unfortunately, maxcdn is inaccessible since Tuesday, January 10, 2023. As a result, emojis are not rendered in your Jalios applications.

If your Jalios application is hosted in our cloud offering, we will apply one of the workarounds as soon as possible.
For your Jalios on premise application, here is how to apply the workaround of your choice:

  1. Use another CDN
    If you choose this approach, we recommend using the cloudflare CDN .
    Modify the following property (⚠ Make sure to keep the characters ' in the property value):
    js.twemoji.base: ''

    → You can do this in the advanced property editor of your Jalios application:

    mceclip0 - 2023-01-11 10h16m57s

  2. Disable the use of a CDN
    From the properties editor of your Jalios application, in the "Advanced" tab, check No on the "Emoji CDN" option
    mceclip1 - 2023-01-11 10h19m58s

    This setting corresponds to the following property:

    js.twemoji.use-cdn: false


⚠ In both cases, you must modify the "JS and CSS cache version" property so that the new configuration is taken into account by client browsers.

To do this, from the editor of your site properties, in the "Advanced" tab, enter a unique value in the "JS and CSS cache version" option, we recommend using the date of modification of the properties, without special characters. For example 202301111042.

mceclip2 - 2023-01-11 10h27m29s

This setting corresponds to the following property:

channel.packer.version: 202301111042


Furthermore, the Horizon chat solution is also impacted by this malfunction. However, no workaround is available at this time.
A new version of Horizon will be released as soon as possible in order to take into account the configurations mentioned above in this post.

[edit - 2022-01-12 10h50] The versions 2.1.3 of the horizon plugin AND server are available for download. These versions include the correction of this malfunction by taking into account the configuration of JPlatform by Horizon. Be sure to follow the Horizon deployment documentation, in particular, you must deploy the module and the server simultaneously.

This malfunction is tracked :