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Release Note : What's new in JALIOS WORKPLACE 5.3 ?

Included in your Cloud Liberty Edition :

View and edit images more efficiently


You can now click on the images in the text parts of the content to view them in full screen. Not only does this allow you to see the images in more detail, but you also have a toolbar at the top right.

mceclip0 - 2022-05-23 09h36m27s

This version enhances the ability to rework the image. The new version of Jalios Workplace includes a new image editor that allows you to perform various operations on the image:

  • Crop
  • Rotation
  • Horizontal and vertical symmetry
  • Size change
  • Filters: luminosity, contrast, hue/saturation, blur, warmth
  • Drawing tools

mceclip1 - 2022-05-23 09h36m50s


Manage accounts directly from the app "Members and Groups" 


Rather than sending you to a back-office interface, the "Members and Groups" application directly embeds the account management interface. As it already offered for groups.

For more comfort, an easier consultation of the account rights, by workspace, has been implemented.

mceclip1 - 2022-08-24 17h07m59s

Extend your Chat use cases with a batch of novelty


The room leaders

You can now appoint one or more room managers. They will thus have the rights, and responsibility, to add or remove people, modify the room, and the power to delete messages.

Community Rooms

From the "View More" menu of a community, it is possible to create a room:

mceclip4 - 2022-08-24 17h22m30s

mceclip3 - 2022-08-24 17h21m22s


A member added to the community will automatically be added to the room. Similarly, if a member no longer belongs to the space, he or she will automatically be removed from the room.

These types of rooms can, of course, be closed.

mceclip2 - 2022-08-24 17h20m37s


Directory of public/private chat rooms

A new application is available, the room directory. It is now possible to create public and/or private rooms.

mceclip4 - 2022-08-24 16h23m01s

A public room can be joined by anyone. For private rooms, a registration request can be sent.


Statistics will allow you to track activity within your chat tool. You can now track the following indicators:

Number of connected users
Number of messages per day
Number of rooms from 1 to 1
Number of group rooms

Filter easily your notifications


Previous alerts become now Notifications. Following numerous feedbacks from our customers, the terms "Notifications" and "Alerts" were causing problems of understanding to the end users. We have modified these terms to free you from this significant part of the change management.

In short, the old Alerts become Notifications and the old Notifications, related to items directly received by email, become Subscriptions.

In addition to the vocabulary, the whole interface has been simplified, with a very intuitive shortcut:

mceclip5 - 2022-08-24 17h27m26s

You have the possibility to interact directly from a "Notification", either on its typology, or its criticality, you will be able to play with the rules directly from the alert itself.

Contribute more with your mobile 


The mobile application will allow you to contribute directly in the file explorers..

mceclip0 - 2022-08-24 17h32m04s

View your documents more comfortably from your explorer


Following customer feedback asking us to improve the view of documents from the explorer, we have enlarged and centered their preview.  Initially, in a pane on the right, you now have more comfort to consult and interact with your content from your browsers.

mceclip7 - 2022-08-24 16h26m44s

Manage your polls more easily


Three main new features are now available:

  • An application that allows you to manage all the polls present in JPlatform: creation, access, search, close/reopen...
  • A mobile version that allows you to consult the polls to vote or observe the results
  • The possibility to add a poll in a wysiwyg field thanks to the unified insertion

mceclip0 - 2022-08-24 17h05m09s


For the optional functions :

Give to your events a valuable container


 Offer your contributors a complete and intuitive tool to create, manage and promote their face-to-face, remote and hybrid events. Provide all contributors with useful information in a beautiful and functional interface, with the possibility to register and access replays.


Clarify your thoughts with JMind mind maps


An indispensable tool for structuring a mental diagram, and even more so for presenting it, mind maps are powerful tools.

We propose an application that will allow users to create, search, embed in other contents complete mind maps:

mceclip8 - 2022-08-24 16h27m27s

The tool natively proposes to :

Add / delete / rename / move a node
Modify the style of a node (text color, background color, font size)
Export to freemind format / Capture mind map
Zoom in / out / show in full screen
Add an internal or external link / Add a note

For a complete view on this great feature, it's here!

Manage the presence of your teams or your Flex Offices with JWork. 


Facilitate the organization of hybrid and multisite work with a space dedicated to employees to indicate their presence by site and their telecommuting days.

Managers benefit from a weekly or monthly schedule that displays in real time the distribution of employees by mode and by site, by half-day. The common knowledge of the workplaces of each employee favors team cohesion and facilitates grouping initiatives.

mceclip1 - 2022-08-24 17h40m55s

All the details are on the community page.

Gain flexibility with mobility requests


A wish shared by a very large part of our users of this function! The " Requests" application now allows you to initiate and modify requests from your mobile!

mceclip1 - 2022-08-31 15h25m29s