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Product news for December / January 2022

New plugin versions

JProcess 2.3

The version 2.3 adds the consultation of the requests on JMobile

The main view allows to list My requests and To be processed requests

mceclip1 - 2022-01-18 12h27m21s


The detail view allows you to consult the content of a request and to comment on it 

mceclip3 - 2022-01-18 12h27m45s

It is also possible to modify the status of a request 

mceclip4 - 2022-01-18 12h28m04s

The version contains in addition to the mobile, 25 various patches.

Version 2.4, which is already under development, will allow requests to be made from the mobile.

Lecko RSE Analytics

A version which mainly brings a data recovery mechanism from the core analytics files.

This is useful when the ActivityStreams module was not installed or temporarily disabled.


The explorer plugin has been released with some fixes for sorting problems in the table view. The module also offers a migration tool to change the columns displayed in the table view.

New modules


The JGallery plugin provides an application to display and manage photo/video albums 

mceclip0 - 2022-01-21 15h51m16s

The plugin allows you to create media galleries (videos and photos) 

mceclip1 - 2022-01-21 15h51m44s

A "lightbox" view allows you to navigate between the images and videos of the album 

mceclip2 - 2022-01-21 15h57m02s


Local Calendar 1.0 / JCalendar 1.3

The local calendar module allows you to use calendar features (event scheduling/creation, space calendars, etc.) without the need for a remote service (Outlook, Google calendar, Bluemind, etc.); events are stored and managed locally in JPlatform.

It is a JCalendar provider. So it inherits all the features of it. See the list here 👉

In addition to these features:

  • Attendees receive an alert in JPlatform when an event is created, updated or deleted
  • The participants who have an email as well as the external ones receive an email with a description of the event in ICS format that they can import into their remote calendar service if needed.

The JCalendar 1.3 module was released at the same time with several improvements and corrections, including the management of categories

mceclip0 - 2022-01-18 12h22m32s