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Product news for September / October 2021

A new monthly post to present the new features available either via a new module or via new features in a module version released the previous month. This post will present in more details these new features.

1. New module versions

1.1 JTask 3.5

Long-awaited features are coming in this version..


Labels are available for tasks in projects.

From the task modification you can create, modify, delete a label.

mceclip5 - 2021-10-18 11h35m11s

You can also add labels in the quick entry field with the shortcut #

mceclip6 - 2021-10-18 11h35m29s

It is then possible to filter the tasks by label

mceclip7 - 2021-10-18 11h35m47s

Project models

You can now create project models or transform an existing project into a model.

Actions performed in a template do not generate any notification (task creation, comment, etc...) and tasks do not show up in the "My Tasks" view for assigned members.

You can find the templates in a dedicated section of the "Projects" application

mceclip0 - 2021-10-18 15h05m50s

A button is available on a template project to create a project from this template

mceclip1 - 2021-10-18 15h07m25s


Mentions in task comments now work like mentions in regular comments (previously, the mention did not generate alerts to the person mentioned).

1.2 Collaborative spaces 7.5.1

Some updates in this new version which also includes a good amount of patches.

Setting the style of the banners of the collaborative space

You can manage :

  • the color theme
  • the color of the title text
  • the text color of the tabs
  • the background color of the tabs
  • the opacity of the tabs
  • have a "condensed" mode where the banner reduces in height
  • choose an image for the banner
    • apply to this image a horizontal or vertical repetition or both
    • apply to this image a horizontal, vertical or both mirror effect
    • choose the positioning of this image (among a choice of 9 positions from top/leftto bottom/right)

mceclip1 - 2021-10-18 11h22m51s


Setting the look > main screen

mceclip2 - 2021-10-18 11h23m24s

Look setting > secondary screen

A "Condensed" mode:

  • Only one background color and no image
  • Reduced height of the banner

mceclip3 - 2021-10-18 11h24m50s


Front office moderator management

Previously, to define moderators in a space, it was necessary to go through the back office. This evolution now allows you to manage them in the front office, via the member management interface.

mceclip0 - 2021-10-18 11h20m51s

List of collaborative space requests from the space directory

This list is available via thespace directoryapplication.

mceclip4 - 2021-10-18 11h28m33s

Guest accounts

Allow to choose a home page for guest accounts

This space can be a non-collaborative space, whose contents will obviously be readable by the guests.

When the guest logs in, he will be automatically redirected to this "home" space.

Allow guests to access a predefined list of spaces

Need: for example, the Horizon chat documents workspace (not collaborative). Or an editorial space to help guests, etc...

1.3 MailKeepAlive 2.0

Jalios is strengthening its security offering with a new version of its account tracking module: The keep alive plugin.
This module automatically disables accounts whose e-mail address is no longer accessible.

New features include

  1. Avoid sending the validation request email when creating or updating an account
  2. Add other automatic mail validation methods
    1. When changing password by link present in mails if
      the change of password is done via reset password --> consider mail as validated
    2. When clicking on any link in a nominative mailMake sure
      that clicking on any link in a mail (vote, comment, alert, profile, etc), causes the validation of the mail
  3. Add reminders to users before the deadline
  4. Display a warning alert on the site channel "Confirmation of pending mail"
  5. On-site validation option
  6. Add a final email indicating deactivation


2. New modules

2.1 JNote 1.0

The JNote plugin is a quick and personal note-taking tool that guarantees confidentiality.



(Restricted access media)  

2.2 JMind (Mind maps) 1.0

The Jmind plugin  allows the creation and display of mindmaps in JPlatform.




2.3 Guided tour 1.0

The Guided tour plugin offers contextual help on each interface. It is a kind of application compass for your employees.

2.4 OpenId Connect 1.0

TheOpenId connect plugin allows the authentication of users to a JPlatform application using the OpenID Connect specification.

The features provided by this SSO module include

  • Support for multiple OpenID Connect providers
  • Authentication
  • Synchronization (optional) of user information, at authentication, from the OIDC token
    • profile information (name, email, ...)
    • groups
    • additional extradata