meeting's invitation (.ics)

SILVA JORGE · le 23/07/13 à 09:34

I wonder if it's possible that when I create a meeting through the JCMS calendar, send a ".ics" file attachment so that we also add in outlook, so we can schedule our customers from JCMS

We are using JCMS 7.1.2

Thank You


Hello Jorge,

I'm forwarding your question to the team in charge of the JCMS calendar. They will probably not answer until next week or so as most of them are on holiday.

Olivier Jaquemet · le 23/07/13 à 11:34

OK, thank you very much.

SILVA JORGE · le 23/07/13 à 11:40
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Ludovic Smadja · le 23/09/13 à 17:44

The mechanism that you're are described already exists in JCMS but only for member (or DbMember) but not for the contacts.

Indeed, contacts email are not used to do that, because in general, contact are not JCMS element used for data sharing.

Actually, there is not any way to have this functionnality without code modification. You should ask our support team to add an improvement.


Quels sont les pré-requis pour que les invitations de calendrier comportent un fichier .ics afin d'intégrer l’événement dans les calendriers Outlook ?

Maud Beaufils · le 06/01/15 à 17:12

ICS attachment are added to mail notification only if event author has a valid email and if incoming mail are enabled on JCMS.

You should also look at FAQ 1 in calendar plugin documentation ( to configure outlook if needed to reveice ICS from external system (like JCMS).

Ludovic Smadja · le 06/01/15 à 17:27

Thanks a lot for your answer.

Maud Beaufils · le 06/01/15 à 17:44
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