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community plugin update visuel

Plugins updates - June 2021

The following plugins have been updated:


Plugins and Application currently in QA

  • JNews Plugin 2.0
  • Conversation Spaces Plugin 6.0.1
  • JMobile APP 2.1.7
  • Guided Tour Plugin 1.0
  • Workplace 5 (based on JPlatform 10SP5)

Please also note that JPlatform 10 SP5 is available for download on Community with more than 260 bug fixes, 190 improvements and about thirty new features!

Remember each time to read the plugin file and to consult the changelog (jira), some versions may require updating operations, or the application of patches to work correctly, in particular we recommend you to apply the last Service-Pack to ensure the stability and the security of your platform.

The core patches are grouped in the PatchPlugin for each version of Jplatform. It is available in the Release Notes section of the release. For example, the release notes for JPlatform 10SP5.

And finally, do not hesitate to watch our publications, many improvements and new features are in preparation. You can exchange with the R&D on the next plugins in le JLab.