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PatchPlugin 2021-06-11

A new PatchPlugin version is available since June, 11, 2021 to correct 2 regressions introduced in the PatchPlugin released on June, 2, 2021.

Product Version PatchPlugin

JPlatform 10 SP4,
JPlatform Ready 4.0 SP8,
JPlatform Ready 4.0 SP9,
JPlatform Ready 4.0 SP10,
JPlatform Ready 4.0 SP11,
JPlatform Ready 4.0 SP12

PatchPlugin 10 SP4 - 10.0.4 - 20210611


Reminder: A version of JPlatform is maintained by Jalios by providing Service Pack (SP). SPs are the maintenance versions of your application.
The PatchPlugin provides a method to keep a JPlatform site up to date during the period between 2 maintenance versions. These PatchPlugins do not replace the need to apply SP