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Remove member or users

hind · on 6/7/21 at 4:43 PM


As-il moyen  de supprimer la liste members o bien users depuis Forum?

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Olivier Jaquemet · on 6/7/21 at 4:53 PM


Pouvez-vous préciser l'interface graphique / l'endroit où vous souhaitez retirer/masquer la liste des membres.

Can you specify the GUI where you want to remove / hide the list of members ?
PS : If you are not speaking french, do not hesistate to ask your question in english, we will be answering too 🌍👍

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hind · on 6/7/21 at 5:08 PM

mceclip0 - 2021-06-07 17h08m36s


Could you please find attached the GUI interface?

hind · on 6/7/21 at 5:09 PM

This is the Collaborative Space view, which displays its meta information containing workspace type (public/hidden/secret/closed), list of members, leaders, etc.

There is no configuration option do hide them.

However, you can create a custom developpement and hide all this section by positionning one of the following request attribute to false : "collaborative-space-metas-show".
You can also decide to hide only some sub section with those properties :

  • "collaborative-space-metas-show-members"
  • "collaborative-space-metas-show-guests"
  • "collaborative-space-metas-open-show-leaders"
  • ...
    --> look for all others possibles attributes in JSP source files plugins/CollaborativeSpacePlugin/jsp/metas/*
Olivier Jaquemet · on 6/8/21 at 8:38 AM

Thank you for your answer ,

is it posible to apply this custom developpement for only one specifique  workspace ?

hind · on 6/8/21 at 9:52 AM
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